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Hello, neighbor. Fancy finding someone else from Kansas on an English Amiga board .

Originally Posted by NathanTolbert View Post
One thing I would like to ask about, and this from my ignorance about FPGA's but how is it they expect to get 50MHz+ out of an FPGA for their softcore project the N68050, when all of the information I am finding on softcores is that most don't run that fast at all. Is it something to do with the design?
Good question. I asked the same question after finding this fpga ColdFire running at ~80MHz speed in a CycloneIII...

The answer I received was basically that that ColdFire fpga processor is an older version and not very well optimized for an fpga. More parallelism of a processor in fpga takes more space and time but allows for higher speeds. Here is the thread of my question...

I just have millions of questions, and I tried to sign up at their forums to express my support and ask some questions, but I haven't received a response yet.
Can you at least read the forum posts and search? Does my forum link above work? I don't remember any kind of delay or problem signing up. Maybe that has changed.
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