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my feelings are mixed on the Natami. On one side I am quite happy to see something like this even being attempted, and having seen the youtube videos of it running in ecs am surprised at the level of compatibility they have achieved at all. I highly doubt that I would be motivated enough ever in my life to get as far as they have now, let alone finish. But on the other side, my pessimistic side, I don't see this project ever finishing. There are long periods of time where there is nothing heard, or barely anything and you wonder if they gave up and didn't say. It reminds me of the Clone A project. I hear it's going to be incredible, awesome and just fantastic. Great! When will we hear more about it? Soon, maybe? If both the Natami and the Clone A come to market, I will be poor for quite a while. One thing I would like to ask about, and this from my ignorance about FPGA's but how is it they expect to get 50MHz+ out of an FPGA for their softcore project the N68050, when all of the information I am finding on softcores is that most don't run that fast at all. Is it something to do with the design? I just have millions of questions, and I tried to sign up at their forums to express my support and ask some questions, but I haven't received a response yet.
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