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Originally Posted by vidarh View Post
They had one a couple of years ago based on a modified C-One board combined with having had the ability to test the majority of the design on FPGA dev boards. The LX board they were bringing up last autumn was designed based on the lessons from that, and was used to verify the design and start integrating the FPGA cores on the real hardware. The MX board is a further refinement and hoped to be the final production board unless they run into any major show stoppers.

You might be right about the timeframe given that this is a part time project for everyone involved, but it's not like the MX board is their first hardware iteration.
I know it is not the first hardware prototype, it is a more advanced prototype.

I have been a steady follower of the project since 2008, and yet there has been great progress, but not a completely working prototype. It just takes you little time to see that: For example, the pictures that show the running programs, still present some visual issues to be addressed/developed in regards to backwards compatibility. I am glad to know that they are being addressed, but everyone knows it is not ready yet.
All in all, the project looks cool, and I look forward to see its completion, and see this new MX board as a positive step towards it.
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