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DVD Boxsets (Viva Amiga)

Hi Guys and Gals,

I've been secretly working behinds the scenes in conjunction with the producer/Director Zach Wellington view the topic on this here, hence why I haven't been as active I would like to be on here, mostly lurking at the moment
and I came up with the idea about doing box-sets collector editions on this feature as I'll be the one producing the artwork that goes along with I wanted to collect some views from members here to what they'd like to see in a boxset regarding this type of Film, I've already ran the idea of T-shirts, badges(pins), Mugs, Booklet, Music CD exclusively created for the movie and possible an Amiga Ball model on a Statue stand. what do you think?

officiously these extra items would deem higher prices on those boxsets and or simpler boxsets with lesser items contained within those cheaper boxsets
Standard DVD
boxset 1 (DVD,T-shirt,Booklet)
Boxset 2 (DVD, Bouns Disk, T-shirt, Badge)
the higher end one (DVD,Bonus Disc,Booklet,T-shirt,Badge,Music CD and possible the Amiga Ball Statue)

all I ask is do you think it's a good idea for Europe distribution, as the market research says yes in the United States market that people very much welcome the idea of these boxsets, look at it as like an xbox360 or Ps3 Collector edition that type of thing.

If the ideas are good, I'll put it forward to Zach and and try to realise the idea into a reality, the only one rules is it must be Amiga related, there even talk about contacting Eric Swartz to do something special..who knows

this is not a PR stunt but any means, we just want to create something new, fresh and special and not done for a product of this type, and what better to put it to the potential Customers. You Lot

thanks for reading, and look forward to any help on this or recommendations.

All the best


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