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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
I asked if someone could have an educated guess as to when this will 'hit the stores', but I guess I will live with my lack of knowledge instead. Anyway, all the best and fingers crossed nonetheless.
Fair enough, thank you for clarifying TCD.

vidarh posted a useful guide to how much work is left to do on the previous page of this thread. This information was obtained directly from Thomas Hirsch himself. This was the last progress update on the LX board, work needs to be done to bring the MX board up to this level, then there's the final work to finish off SuperAGA, 68050 and the rest of the features. There's not an official release date or price yet, best thing to do is watch the progress and look for clues on how far away a release is.

Even if the Natami isn't ready yet, the assembled MX board is a major milestone, so it's worth celebrating.
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