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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Anyway, could someone have an educated guess as to when this will 'hit the stores'?
I have been involved in shaping a fully working prototype electronics/computer device to a consumer grade product in the past. And believe me it takes time, effort, money, and skilled management to be able to accomplish this goal.

The Natami team doesnt even have a complete working prototype yet, so at least an estimated guess would be of one more year from today. It will of course, depend on the pace that they are capable of moving on with each step of this process.

The steps between a fully working prototype with a cool idea and an actual consumer grade product, are numerous and quite exhausting.

So the road ahead is long and full of bumps.
I sincerely hope they make it a consumer grade product. But it will be difficult to get it out of the hobby production scheme and see it widespread.

Anyway, I hope they make it!
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