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Another bloody Australian

'eah how ya goin'?

Well since the weather here today is looking like old Blighty (cuz no barbie = no shrimps on), I was casting around the net and got E-UAE.

More casting around looking for content yields a lot of Dutch and German sites. What is it with them and old computers? Then I found you guys and couldn't sign up fast enough.

I had your garden variety A500 w/the 512k expansion and a mate with a BBS (14.4k modem phwooooar!) back in the early 90's. Swap meets and the BBS scene kept me well stocked with goodies, I just wish I could find the disks. Anyway, here for a uaersc file and demos from back in the day, I think the Silents went on to do the most commercial work as they should have, they were ace!

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