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The Workbench in the image is running either Workbench 2.x or 3.x with MagicWB running on top (or perhaps not running at all since it may just use MagicWB's palette and icons).

In order to get anything running, you will need the Workbench disks first. For a stock Amiga 1200, you will need either Workbench 3.0 or 3.1. You can get these from eBay or from the Amiga Forever package as images (which would need to be transferred to disks using a myriad of methods). I seem to recall AmigaKit having disks once, but they are no longer available on their site.

With the disks in hand, you can install Workbench and MagicWB afterwards. This would achieve the result in the screenshot.

Post any problems you may have here and others will surely help you achieve your goal.
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