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Some news about this software:
After a long period of closed testing the DigiBooster 3 music tracker enters the public beta stage. The main goal of public betatesting is to check program core stability and performance on different operating systems and hardware configurations. Demo versions of DigiBooster 3 for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS are available for download on the official DigiBooster website. Please note that this is not a release candidate. Many important features still wait to be implemented. It is highly recommended to read a "readme" file after installation.

The key features of the new DigiBooster 3 are:

- Fully scalable MUI graphic interface with themes.
- New player engine, portable and AHI independent.
- Backwards compatible with DigiBoosterPro 2.x (the same module format).
- PowerPC native versions for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. For OS4/MOS

"This is the first public beta version of DigiBooster 3 music tracker
for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. Note that this is NOT a release candidate -
many important features are not yet implemented and will be added in
the future. The aim of this beta release is to check stability of the
program core on different hardware and software configurations and
gather user suggestions and oppinions.

GUI themes

As DigiBooster 3 is not a plain simple MUI application, it has a
concept of GUI themes. At the first run, DigiBooster 3 starts with
default MUI config on given machine. It may be suboptimal. It is
recommended to choose one of preconfigured UI themes in the program

Full screen

To run DigiBooster 3 in fulscreen mode, two steps have to be performed:
1. When running from an icon, the icon tooltype FULLSCREEN should be
activated (by removing parentheses). When running from CLI, FULLSCREEN
(or FS) parameter should be given. After that DigiBooster 3 will run
fullscreen on Workbench/Ambient screen.
2. A public MUI screen should be defined in the MUI screen manager and
then the screen should be selected in MUI settings for DigiBooster.
DigiBooster 3 will run on this screen then, as any MUI application.

Note that UI themes in the archive are designed for minimum screen
size of 1024 x 768 pixels. They may be usable in 800 x 600, but it is
not guarranted.

AHI mode

DigiBooster 3 uses exclusive AHI acces to get the best possible sound
quality. The default mode however is usually not the best one. Please
select 16-bit HiFi stereo++ mode and 44100 (or 48000) Hz sampling rate
in the program configuration window.

Module formats

This beta version loads *.dbm (DigiBoosterPro 2.x) modules only. More
formats will be added in the future.

Demo version

The only limitation of this demo version is disabled module saving.

Remarks, suggestions and discussion

We encourage users to send their opinions to our support forum for DigiBoosterPro" .
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