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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
only the older agi games are currently supported, seirra support will be in another release
Okay so specifically the adventure games interpreter are supported. All SCI games aren't functioning, so no mouse support games. No problem, I'll load up SQI, SQII, KQI, II, and III, and PQI and see how they work. I'll let you know when I finish testing them! Thanks for letting me know that only the version in the zone support Discworld. I will try it, as I own a retail copy of the CD-ROM version. I'll let you know if I can get it to work.

Hmm, the ScummVM in the Zone is for 030's. That would lead me to believe it doesn't take advantage of any of the superscalar architecture of the 060, correct? Would this cause problems if I loaded it into it's own folder on the drive separate from my other install to test?

-Edit- Okay I have loaded the zone version of ScummVM and can confirm on my A4000D/060 that the game does work, albeit slowly for me. Probably due to my blistering hard drive speeds of a whopping 4.5MB a second! I cannot play any of the games that use Adlib or Midi, although Full Throttle and the Dig work well, as they are full digitized audio, and they actually run okay as well.

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