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Originally Posted by drHirudo View Post
I clocked Deluxe Galaga several times, until I realized that I could play it forever with my full armory and that I started to play it early morning and it was only lunch time, I gave up and never played Deluxe Galaga since them.
Damn I wish I was not that good at the game, I would had much more fun with it for longer time.
Why don't you try playing again - this time in NTSC mode - and see if it's more "fun".

Originally Posted by Steve View Post
I wish the game actually had a proper ending. Looping games seem like a cop out. Just by simply increasing speed variables. Lazyness! lol. Maybe repeat a couple of times but not indefintely.
There is a proper ending... sort of. There's that nice little victory screen, congratulations and 1 million points bonus at level 150. (and every 75 levels after that)

It is supposed to be a vintage arcade-type game and they never had endings. (to keep people using up quarters)
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