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Icon.library 46.4.186 is waiting for your tests now.
The PNG tooltypes should work in most cases as expected, there are only some minor problems with fixing the icon position left, but I hope to find the reason for this behaviour really soon. No problems with the WbStartUp drawer contents any more (so, it's possible to start AmiKit etc).

Please, report all the problems that may occur on your system. Of course, for displaying the real PNG images you will need to install either the PowerIcons patch, AfA_OS or Scalos. Copying or saving "my" PNG symbols with WbInfo or IconEdit will replace the real 24 bit PNG images in the destination files.

Updated again: fixed some PNG drawers which were designated internally as projects and finally appeared as tool icons because they didn't have a default tool assigned. Now they remain drawers since the dirs really exist.

Build 185: Found the reason for the WB-Cleanup/Fix-Icon-Position problem in PutIconTagList(). It complains about an "object of wrong type" for writing the icon position back to disk because it finds ".PNG" instead of the DiskMagic tag.

A possible workaround for this issue is it to select one or several icons together (with the rope/lasso), open and then save all with WbInfo to get rid of the PNG stuff. After that, you can cleanup and fix the icon positions. A better solution may follow sooner or later ...

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