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iPlayer TV on xbmc abroad

From January last year...
Originally Posted by alexh View Post

There are ways around that. Just use a UK based IP redirection. Google about it and you'll find the solution.
Over a year later and today I got around to updating xbmc to the latest T3CH version from This was to get iPlayer 2 working. Which it does brilliantly for BBC radio, here in Australia, live and listen again.

As expected, iPlayer TV does not because a UK IP address is expected. Using the free VPN service, Expat Shield iPlayer TV works through Chrome on the PC (XP). After a lot or searching, I cannot find how to get the xbox to use a UK-based VPN. I've even tried adding the same assigned IP from PC-based VPN to the xbmc network settings but that stops all network connection. My xbox is cabled directly to the wireless router. I thought it may be possible to forward a proxy address from the PC but I have no idea how and it would be better not to need a PC switched on to get iPlayer TV on the xbox side to work. Do I need to add a VPN IP address to the router (Linksys)?

Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks.

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