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Lol, then keep working those legs Dreedo!
The pounds are dropping off me already!!!

I have 2 questions:

Is it possible to get a version that lets both the 1st and 2nd PS3 controller be mice, as it would be nice to play 2 player Lemmings and Settlers. I can do 2 player on most other games as you can have 2 joysticks/pads, just not 2 mice.

Also, is it possible that it will get HDD support? As that would make it possible to use it almost like a real Amiga. The majority of games i test fail to work also, have a habit of restarting upon boot-up, games such as Cannon Fodder 1/2 and others. ATR also seems unplayable due to lack of customizable controls. Elite 2 is also unplayable due to controls. All 3 Alien Breeds do seem to be fully playable, and work good in 2 player mode, as the emulator supports 2 joysticks. Unfortunately you can't remove the GUI Bar across the bottom, meaning player 2 cannot see their stats.

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