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Originally Posted by GurjSagoo View Post
Thanks alot guys, fomally got it working.

but there just 1 prob. then games load fine but just take a bit of time. any ideas how to quicken up the loading time. or upgrading my machine. its a 600 buy the way

thanks alot ppl
Glad you got it working, these games are loading slow due to a lack of Ram, a 2/4mb PCMCIA SRAM card will help or a proper fast Ram/Accelerator that clips over the 68000 chip on the A600.

Might be well outside what you want to spend but Indivisions new accelerator is a great value and you can buy it new from Amigakit:

If you can find the SRAM card this will probbaly cost about 25-35 for 2mb and circa 50-60 for 4mb and will help with loading these games and give the system a little speed boost, the ACA however gives a substantial speed boost!

An A608 (4 or 8mb Fast Ram expansion) are very rare, but you might be lucky to find one on the 2nd hand market for around the 40-60 mark.

There are other options such as Apollo 620 or Apollo/Viper 630 accelerator cards, these are pretty rare and at the moment the brand new ACA630 is a better choice.

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