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Smile Hey guys

Hello all

I've been lurking around the forum for a couple of months now so it seems rude not to say hello properly.

I was active on the UK Amiga scene from about 92 to 96, doing (mostly bad) gfx for a few groups such as Cosine, Defekt and Anthrox. Didn't seem to get much stuff released except a couple of crack intros and a trackmo (from Cosine that I've never seen since).

My trusty A500 died many years ago and was replaced with an A1200 that I recently rescued from the loft in my Mum's house. Unfortunately I didn't have the sense to anything except the computer (no PSU, mouse, modulator). I'm not sure if the A1200 even works, but I've ordered a 2nd hand one from EBay which should hopefully arrive any day now. I plan to upgrade this with a faster processor and fast ram and have some old school fun. Looking forward to trying WHDLoad, which sounds great!

I've got my fingers crossed that the A1200 HDD still works and has some of my old logos and stuff on it. I bought an external caddy thing to try and get it hooked up to WinUAE, but had no luck. I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that the HDD is dead

Haven't done a great deal of gfx since the amiga days. Ended up getting a job as a graphic designer around 97 but slowly moved over to coding over the next couple of years. Still do the odd thing or two in photoshop but haven't 'pixelled' since the amiga. My day job involves mostly C# and I've just started making software for iPhone/iPad, which is fun.

I had a few mispent years making demos, intros and trainers for the PS2 when I should have been studying for my degree. Still, I probably learnt more hacking about with that than I did in the classroom

I always dreamt of learning ASM on the amiga and even went as far as buying a copy of DevPac many years ago. I never really good anywhere as it seemed far too complicated for me at the time. I don't recall ever having a hardware reference manual or any other books, so that probably didn't help. Hopefully I can revisit this once I get the new Amiga up and running.

I've loved catching up with developments related to the good old Amiga and reading the many fascinating threads on EAB. I feel like I know a lot of you already after reading so many posts. PMC's demo coding progress posts have been really interesting and inspirational. I also came across the sad news about Paul 'The Green Amiga Alien' after using his great tutorials to get WinUAE up and running

I also love reading about the old amiga disk protections as this sort of stuff always fascinated me. I could read posts on that stuff from Galahad, StingRay, WayneK and CodeTapper 'til the cows come home.

Anyway, it's great to have found EAB, and I look forward to hopefully making some sort of worthwhile contribution in future

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