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Keep or Get Rid?

First of all, this isnt a For Sale thread.

Ive got a few pieces of retro hardware at home. TBH, I think I purchased too much! I dont really use them as much as I thought I would.

Ive got an A4000 and A1200 that Im pretty happy with. I use the A4000 mainly. Ive also got a second A4000 and an A600. TBH, I dont think I'll ever use these. Ive justified it to myself that its good to keep the A4000 around as spare parts, but I figure if the A4000 dies, I can always fall back on the A1200. And if the A1200 dies, theres always WinUAE!

I know that a lot of people are passionate about their classic hardware here, just trying to be pragmatic. What would you do? Be honest, if you have multiple Amigas, how often do you use them all? What do you use them all for?
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