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Originally Posted by Dreedo View Post
Anyone having any trouble getting E-UAE for PS3 to work?

I boot it up, set Floppy 1 & 2 as my game, but it doesn't do anything after that, just sits on a blank screen. I'm not sure where to specify the KickROM as thats usually the cause when my emulators don't work. I have a 1.3 KICKROM called kick13.rom in the X:/uae/ directory of my PSP.

EDIT: VBA (GBA emulator) doesn't work on CFW, neither does the PS1 emulator, the SNES emulator and a few others like Genesis and Commodore 64/128 do work i believe.
Originally Posted by not me
Here are some tips I`ve picked up from the forums (kudo’s to them):
- What you need to do is make a folder called “UAE” in the root of your USB harddrive. Inside that folder make a new folder called “Kickstart”. Put your Kick13.rom inside of that folder. Open up UAE.CFG file and put kick13.rom at
the top line like this “kickstart_rom_file=/dev_usb000/uae/Kickstart/kick13.rom”
Save UAE.CFG file and put it into the UAE folder what is on the root of your USB harddrive.
If you wont to make a folder called “Roms” inside of your UAE folder so you can put all your roms there.
If you wont to load a game on auto start.
In UAE.CFG file look for
“floppy0=/dev_usb000/uae/game_disk01.adf” And put your game name at game_disk01.adf
So it will look like this “Theme park.adf” -> “floppy0=/dev_usb000/uae/Roms/Theme park.adf
You dont need to do that if you dont wont to. You can load a game by pressing start in the emulator then floppy 0 to 3.
- File names are case sensitive and my kick start file was called “kick.rom” and not “Kick.rom” as entered in the CFG file
- plug the usb into the right usb port (not the left).
And from my own experience last night (played ‘Rodland’… brilliant kids game):
- When UAE has loaded, you just press the PS3 ‘play’ button and then navigate to where your roms are (on my usb stick atm), and then play. To get out of the ‘scene’ cracked intro’s, just press R2 and hold it down, press right to get to ‘escape’ on the top menu, and then let go of R3 and press the ‘SQUARE’ button to enact ‘escape’. Someone else said you can also hold down the R2, use the arrow left/right to navigate the top menu, then press ‘up’ to select.
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