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Originally Posted by Dreedo View Post
Anyone having any trouble getting E-UAE for PS3 to work?

I boot it up, set Floppy 1 & 2 as my game, but it doesn't do anything after that, just sits on a blank screen. I'm not sure where to specify the KickROM as thats usually the cause when my emulators don't work. I have a 1.3 KICKROM called kick13.rom in the X:/uae/ directory of my PSP.

EDIT: VBA (GBA emulator) doesn't work on CFW, neither does the PS1 emulator, the SNES emulator and a few others like Genesis and Commodore 64/128 do work i believe.

You need to download specific versions of the emulators that have been 'signed' for firmware 3.55 (most emulators have been updated - final burn alpha is my current fave)

I dont understand why there is a need for custom firmware. I thought the fact the keys were discovered meant you could write some code and as long as you signed it would run on any ps3 same as any commercial game.
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