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Originally Posted by Oliver_A View Post
Almost correct.

Indivision ECS does have Graffitti emulation, but it doesn't make sense, since on ECS, Grafitti is VERY SLOW and works only in 320x resolutions.

That's why Indivision ECS has its own new graphics core, which allows direct writes into the chunky framebuffer of the flickerfixer at full speed, without chipset interference. Not only is this very fast, but resolutions up to 1024x768 in 8 bit or 16 bit (downconverted to 12 bit) are possible. This core has nothing to do with the native Amiga display, it's a core which turns Indivision ECS into a very small graphics card, capable of Zorro II speed, with native chunky graphics support.

So Cammy has not only realized what Indivision ECS can do, but also anticipated my intentions what to do with it.
I don't pretend to understand the way Graffitti works, except if it is the same as DCTV it works with bitplanes, not chunky graphics and I know that some time in the very early 1990's at an Amiga show I saw an A3000 running a complete movie which had been converted a single frame at a time to DCTV format and it ran full speed from the hard drive with sound. Probably Anim5 format I guess, but it looked every bit as good as a (typical for the time) VHS tape being played back. I am sure it was not limited to 320 resolution, it was full NTSC resolution.

I would love to see the DCTV or Graffitti display make a come back for Classic Amiga game animations. I don't know why more programmers did not use DCTV or Graffitti to get more colorful games back when both display devices were first released.

Of course if Oliver can get us a fast chunky display from our ECS Indivisions with 8bit or 12bit color depth, that might be a better solution. Any news to tell about your progress Oliver?
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