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Deluxe Galaga: What is the higest score ever?

Is there a list somewhere showing the highest ever scores in Deluxe Galaga? I saw that somebody on EAB got 75 million, but can't find any higher.

I just got 196,733,775 - in NTSC mode (A3000 connected to NTSC TV that doesn't do PAL). NTSC is definitely much harder than PAL. On PAL, I can complete the meteor storm nearly every time, but rarely on NTSC. Everything is faster and the shorter screen makes it nearly impossible to get under some of the aliens.

I died on level 430. The way I died was totally unfair. On one of the hardest levels, an alien popped up from below, died and gave me a fucking double shot weapon. I had to complete the next level and a half with this pathetic weapon. I lost all my shields and two lives, went down to single shot with no speed and barely made it out of there. It was a miracle that I survived and all I had to do was sit back and warp to the store, where I had $468,000 waiting to re-stock everything. That's when I got fucking Warp Malfunction - 6 green triangle bastards, shooting non-stop - and there I was with no speed to avoid them and a fucking pea-shooter weapon. I killed three, but then watched in disbelief as the remaining three shot simultaneously, leaving me no space to go. (what could I do - hop off the damn screen??)

Ah... but that's my sad story. Has anybody gotten further - or a higher score than that?
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