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When I first saw this I was well excited, but after reading it a couple of times it appears to be a speccy-styled keyboard connected to an emulator. While this may be excellent fun, it still isn't a 'real' speccy

Now, if you want to see someone who's reverse-engineered the speccy, check out this link: He's done a cracking job of building a speccy from scratch using a ULA and a CPLD-FPGA.

In the meantime, I'll carry on with my Sinclair collection:
1 x ZX80
2 x ZX81
2 x ZX Spectrum 48k
1 x ZX Spectrum+ (128k)
1 x ZX Spectrum +2 (128k) - The one with the built-in tape deck
1 x ZX Spectrum +3 (128k) - The one with the built-in disc-drive

I'll keep praying for a brand new Speccy release (along with my prayers for a new Amiga release!!)
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