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Ha, thats crazy. Although I'm guessing most people on here are.

A1200 is selling at over £200 on ebay at the moment, but it does have a 4gb SSD and a pretty deep WHDLOAD setup. And it looks almost new.

My Amiga Gear:

A600 with PSU and Tank Mouse, 37.300 2.05 ROM or something like that. 2.05 Workbench with faulty fonts floppy. :P
About 15 floppies that i write games to and play with my friend... only 1 friend...
A520 modulator or whatever its called, didn't realize when i bought my A600 it had RCA ports in the back. -_-
Sega Megadrive Pad, really useful to have.
My mate has an Atari 2600 Joystick that we can use for multiplayer games too.

Usually wired up to my 22" LCD HDTV, which seems to work well with it. But at the moment is stored in a box next to my bed in my nans house, due to moving.

That's it.
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