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Originally Posted by rockersuke View Post
Nice! I also played Stunt Car Racer at home with some friends linking an accelerated A1200 and my (then) unexpanded A600. Next time I have visitors at home I wanna try some WWI dogfighting with Knights Of The Sky.

Now that my A600 has his ACA630 thing working and is connected to the LAN through his own WIFI card I'm going to explore the Amiga On-line Games page in search of TCP-IP games which don't demmand a highly expanded Amiga setup. I think I read Cammy once mentioning DynAMIte as the one to go.

OMG how could I forget KoTS!!!!! It was just so awesome to shoot at each other back then. Although I multiplayer all the time on flight sims and fps games its never as much fun as being in the same room with friends and playing.
My non yellow blizzard 1200 is packed away ready for our house move atm, I only have access to my old rig. I would love to meet up for a good session of gaming in the future some time.
also when weve moved I want to get my new 1200 on my network and the internet

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