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Originally Posted by Mozzerfan View Post
Try to copy envarc:visualprefs to your new system. Also copy the sys:prefs/Preset drawer. Edit: (And it sub-drawers). Also copy envarc:sys/gui.prefs.

Just noticed the skins of your window titlebars. That's got to be changed in birdie.
I've already seen that I can change the color of the bar in Gui, although I don't understand how it looks thicker in CWB. I've got another screen mode in AmigaSys: CGXPAL: High Res Laced. In CWB I had none ¿? in Devs:Monitors. How can it be? I thought you always needed to have something there. It doesn't matter, I'm going to try adding CyberbugFix that is where I get those screen modes, although I'm not sure it will change that...

Later I will try with the presets. With envarc:sys I copied all (complete sys) before and didn't change the look of Ibrowse.
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