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ACA630 working solid for weeks now! Ultra happy experience \o/

I have one question though...

Atm I have a real Kick 3.1, and via MapROM, I kick an custom 1MB 3.9 Kickstart+Cosmos scsi.device+some modules. Everything works just fine.
I thought of burning this custom Kickstart to an 1MB 27C800 Eprom which I did successfully. After mounting it in A600 I get the following issues:
- Kickstart works just fine (boot screen, boot menu, booting via floppy, booting HD with no startup-sequence)
- Kickstart works just fine with ACATune disabled or with ACATune enabled but WITHOUT MapROM enabled (used -maprom ** and no boot) but all the other switches turned on as usual. System is slow without the maprom option on though

So... am I doing anything wrong using the ** option (isn't * for 512and ** for 1MB roms?) or for some reason ACATune doesn't load correctly 1MB roms?
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