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Then you must know a couple of things...

It works. I copied all the complete Internet drawer as CWB39 doesn't have it, Mui in System (and in System/Sys, as each OS has it in different places, so I copied it twice to be sure), the Mui archives of Env-Archive and the fonts of AmigaSys
Finally as it was looking ugly in 16 colors I went to System/mui/patternsTissueDark and I remapped it to 16 colors with ImageStudio and changed it (the copy I did) in the Ibrowse preferences. Now it looks right.
The only thing that I've lost (I had it in any moment before) is the Ibrowse logo at the beginning, but it's hapenning the same in a AmigaSys OS I have. I have to see what happens with it.

EDIT: No, still I'm missing something that the AmigaSys has. In it I don't have nothing remapped, and it looks better with 16 colors. I have to see what it is.
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