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Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
What you have to do is format a disk 720k FAT12 (PC format) then copy the zipped ADF to it. Then you have to install some PC disk reading software on the Amiga. CrossDOS, Messydisk, Fat95 etc. Then when you can read the PC disk you copy the Zipped ADF file to RAM: or Harddisk and unzip it. Viola!

Note: you have to zip the ADF otherwise it won't fit on a disk. The disk image is 880K in size (just like an Amiga disk)
Thanks I think i understand that(hopefully)

My A500 doesn't have a hard drive, i've read this thread:

and have seen buying a CF to IDE adapter and a CF card will work, is that all i need as another method of both having a hard drive and transferring ADF files to the Amiga? or am I missing something?

I've also heard you can use a null modem cable for directly using Amiga Forever to transfer ADF files, how hard is that to do?
Would this do the trick:
(25Pin to 25Pin Female to Female Null Modem Cable)
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