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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Oscar from Diggers / Oscar does not have NVRAM save. Also there is limited speech like "find the clapperboard", "thanks everybody", "bonus letter" and "aaaaand cut". I would hardly call that in-game speech but its your list so call it yes if you want. lol. It doesn't have full CD speech like what Trivial Pursuit has.
Hi, if you check the listing, that is from the doublepack, the '/' between the games indicates the first game i.e Diggers, for example for the NVRAM save its Yes / ?? - Yes to Diggers and unchecked for Oscar, but as you state Oscar doesn't have save, so it would need changing to 'Yes / No'

Obviously i have only needed to do this on double/triple pack releases i.e grandslam collection, but you can check each games seperate releases if unsure.
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