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Thanks to everyone for the quick posts/links
The squirrel i have looking at the label on the Master Disk it's a Squirrel SCSI
The disk is labelled Master Disk 1 of 1 by HISOFT

The other disk i have is SCSI TOOL DISK version 1.1 by phase5 Digital Porducts
I have the scsi adapter for my 1230 MKIII so thats probably the driver/software for that? I have never used that scsi part but will sure have a go now

On the back up of my squirrel SCSI disk once the installation gets towards the end it asks for me to put the Master Disk in????? what is this Master Disk? i pressumed it was the HISOFT one i mentioned earlier?

Hi just a quick update.This is the squirrel SCSI i have and if you see in the picture i have the Master Disk with the white label on and it's this disk that i need to download due to it being corrupt data so now i have formatted it ready.I would like to download the squirrel zip tools disk???

I have never had the squirrel zip tools disk?

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