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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
What would be more important I think would be to find a panel which has a native resolution equal or a multiple of that output by the HD Box Pro when connected to the XBOX-1.

The least amount of scaling & filtering done by the LCD monitor and the HD Box Pro the better the picture will look. You want the XBOX to do the scaling.
Good point, the great thing about the hdboxpro is it supports a massive variety of widescreen and non-widescreen resolutions in it's setup pages. For instance the current monitor I have is a 16" widescreen which is 1440x900 and it even supports that

Both 17" and 19" 4:3 tend to all be 1280x1024 so it's down to pixel size really.

Seen Acer 19" with speakers 2nd hand on eBay that looks decent and it's local. Not my favourite make but it's 8ms response time.
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