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No it's ok I've got a component cable feeding a HD Box Pro which does a nice job of outputting VGA. Using it with a monitor at the moment but it's a small widescreen and not ideal.

I want to stick with a VGA monitor because the there is much less lag than I got using a TV via component.

Quite a few xbox games are widescreen you're right but it's more the emulators I'm using. Halo 1 is not widescreen either neither is GTA III or Vice City!

What I'm really asking is (for retro games):
a) would you go for an IPS panel with better colour but worse response time or a cheaper TFT?
b) can't decide on 17" or 19" screen, think 19" but could prob get a better 17" for my budget. c) Would 19" be pushing it a bit with older games?

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