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I had some similar problems when setting up my cf card. I'll do my best to remember what worked for me until someone more knowledgeable comes along

"I've seen several that have some of the same problems, and some have adjusted the maximum transfer successfully. but I do not know where or how to do this"

You can change the maximum transfer settings in HDToolbox but first make sure you change the tooltype to


you do this by going to the icons information window from the top right click menu, or press Right Amiga + i after left clicking the HDToolBox icon (sorry if this sounds patronising but you did say you were super amateur and I know first hand how the little things can trip you up )

make sure to hit return before pressing save. (little things like this )

Then load up HDToolBox, if all went well you should see your device, now:
  • Click Partition Drive
  • Tick the Advanced Options tick box
  • Click the Change... button
  • there you can change the MaxTransfer setting (again hit return after changing) and click ok to exit out
if it helps mine is set to 0x1fe00, i do remember reading that if that doesn't work to to try 0xFE00

"many games do not work in the WHDLoad (radload)"
I have an unexpanded A1200 with only 2MB so lots of games don't work for me. Since you have an extra 8MB fast ram that seems a bit odd (but im pretty ill informed so maybe someone else can advise...) all I would say is hold down both mouse buttons when you turn the Amiga on and boot with no startup-sequence then run the slave files from AmigaDOS e.g

whdload preload cannonfodder.slave

(make sure you're in the directory, again sorry if I'm sounding patronising or just plain wrong)

"dose the rest seems okey ?"

Resload_loadkick invalid kikstrart image DEVS:kiskstarts/kick34005.a500

suggests that you either don't have or have the wrong kickstart files in place (I hear whdload can be picky about some files), whdload needs these files (google is your friend) to emulate other kickstart roms for older games and demos.

the other errors mean nothing to me but I would suggest running whdload with no arguments from a shell window and looking at the options in the help file, there might be a setting that could help.

Hope at least some of that points you in the right direction.
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