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Hard to think how people manage playing Frontier on a A500 but my friend did just that.It's mostly in space that you ever fight anyway and everything is auto i guess

Yeah a video like this will likely make some Frontier fans want an upgrade if they don't already

I enjoyed Frontier for quite a while and put a lot of time into it but i always came away with a few major complaints.Firstly despite being an exceptional achievement by David Braben, i found it over complicated.Not in the sense that i couldn't get my head around it but because the actual simple joys were less fun.Combat isn't fun quite honestly in a way it is on Elite and getting between places ie planet to planet or solar system is not a rewarding experience any more- when flying locally, forwarding time only to arrive some few seconds or even practially instantly to trade, might as well be Supremacy or Millenium.I want to feel i've travelled a distance without the sense that iv'e actually just forwarded a massive chunk of time in order to do that.The vast and realistic distance between everything that DB aimed meant of course the game had to feature time accleration but in truth it turned Frontier into less a game

The biggest problem really and i don't think people realise quite how much this hurts a game of this type, is the quick save option.The argument is that you don't have to use it but in certain situations, those perhaps that have seen great success say on a mission of 5 minutes or more, when you go and make a blundering mess- tbh you just wont want to start all over so you're going to use it.Knowing only too well of this type of thing, it's just far easier to save prior to certain situations and while it works very well for what it does allow, the unrealistic nature that is to effectively cheat back to a better time, it's here you're completely pulled out of the experience- and it is supposed to be an experience right?.Elite worked so well because of how tense it all became knowing you had to make it to the next station or lose your rewards up to that point- that's why it was so intensely fun.Save states have there place but here and in lots of games actually, it's a very lazy system to use

Doom is also a good example of the bad save state use and i'm glad i never knew of it at the time.While i'm glad of it's inclusion sometimes, it does rob the game of tension.An example might be that you are down to around 10 percent of health and turn the corner only to face certain death- you've already played 10 minutes in and really don't want have to start again.You pull back around the corner and quick save.Bingo and sudden relief, in fact to the point that what's around the corner has now become something not to fear any more even though just seconds ago you were basically shitting it.Death at this point is not in the least bit worrying any more because you simply load in your save again.And you can do this as many times all through the level, meaning it's never going to be a game based on tension any more.When you know it's there and you also know how frustrating it might be to die and have start again, yes of course you feel inclined to use the bloody thing.The point being then there should be a better save system included so tension remains while not frustrating the player

The argument is always you don't have to use it but that really is just a cop out.These days people don't want to punished and so i do see it's use but then how about an option so i can disable it's use on a particular save file or a checkpoint system even.Save states are great but they turn a game's potential for experience in to just a game

I find this to be an annoying topic but i guess it's because save states don't tend to be figured by the player to be a mechanic- which is what they are being they're part of the game

Back on topic then, nice video

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