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A hate campaign is whats happening in Israel, don't confuse a hate campaign with FREEDOM OF SPEECH as there is a whole world of difference between the two.

I'll admit there are some people who have a dislike for you, myself included, but if you think that without provication from you, we all just decided to "Hate Godflesh" well your IQ must be lower than that of my 2 year old niece.

Your reputation is being rubbished, but it ain't by us, why would we, you do such a fine job yourself.

Personnally I don't give a shit about your FTP's, great get them working, I'm sure a lot of people will be overjoyed, infact if people ask me (Newbies) where can I get "Game name" from, I will point them in your direction, but DO NOT come here expecting us to suddenly be all freindly with you just because you get them online.

It would (And I say would because you have already stated you don't care what we think of you) take a lot more than that to rectify past difference's between the two parties.

And if you think we all hate you and only post message's about you, why in the hell do you come here ........ Are you a sadomasochist or something??

I also hope you keep your promises about your FTP's because they are a good service to most, and also this promise you made earlier:
happy hating....and I am outta here....
Don't let the door hit you on your way out
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