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I think that now it is ready for alpha testing and guide correcting.

In the mean time I will be writing some C programs that will be launched by the guide - this will move it into a new alpha stage - I have updated the v05a version to v06 - this includes a couple of script corrections and some extra support in the Update folder (newer version of Multivew / Amigaguide and datatypes)

I have noted that while this guide system works fine in Classic Workbench 68k, it has errors under

Classic Workbench Lite v23b (I think this is an old version) - MACRO's are ignored - I think I need to update my Classic Workbenches =D

I really appreciate all the help, hints and tips with this little project =)

In regards to wbrun, in the next version it will use the wbrun from its own directory - ther for not needing to overwrite any existing one.
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