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Ahhhh Akira, you know, I love Amiga games that are OOOLLLLDD
Atari St, c 64, MSX, Ex 68000, Acorn Achimedes, NES, SNES, Megadrive etc. I love old stuff..the new PC games are mostly shit!!!
I agree totally with you

Say guys..anyone else here LOVE the PC Engine\Turbo Grafix\Turbo Duo from NEC? My fave console of all time

Oh, and Twist, I forgot about it too. When it came out, it was dead. No 3rd party, miserable remote was more of a "Multi media" thing..remember how that was the catchphrase of the day?? Almost as miserablt ubiquitous as "virtual'..ugh:P
Leave it to the know noothing PR and ad men to mess a potential good thing up

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