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Well, throughout history that has always been a perceived dumbing down. You can go back to the Romans, Greeks, etc. and see the same stuff--putting down the "kids these days" has always been with us.

Education (to me) is first and foremost about providing kids with resources. If you want to become a doctor, lawyer, scientist, etc., school should help you reach that goal. Like Quintilian said, kids are by nature curious and eager to learn and explore. To the extent that schools punish that or make it all about a standardized test, they fail. They should be rewarding curiosity and giving kids more hands-on learning, especially at the critical early years.

I don't know about other countries, but here education has gotten very scary. It's all about standardized tests and learning content. They even took P.E. out of my schools so the kids are just getting flabby and drinking lots of soda pop. Of course then the doctors inject them with Ritalin rather than regulate their sugar levels or let them get some exercise. Sigh.

Just my two cents.
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