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A1200 sfs scsi.device 44.2 broken?

Hi all
I am a new member of this forum, I am italien and I use the computer Amiga since 1985. I have read the thread "scsi.device 44.2 on A600-broken?" and I decided to write what happened to me. I hope it is usefull to debugging the scsi.device 44.2.
I have got an Amiga 1200 with Blizzard 1260, Blizzard scsi card, 192 MB fast ram. wifi card in the slot pcmcia, os 3.9 bb3, fblit. My boot partitions (os 3.1, os 3.9) are in the really scsi hd and till two months ago the system worked fine. Just then I decided to replace my EIDE hd with a new one 80GB large and to format it with three sfs partitions. So I opened hdtoolbox, I partitioned the disk and I saved it. When I rebooted the system the EIDE hd was vanished and there isn't scsi.device in the list of hdtoolbox (sysinfo tell me scsi.device 44.2). The disk RDB was broken and I repaired it with a pc program named partition magic. I made a second attempt, I opened hdtoolbox, I partitioned the disk with the FFS (bb3), I saved it and I rebooted. This time there was three new ghost icon in my workbench with the notice "da inizializzare". I never initialised them because it was a test, but I didn't want FFS partitions. I made a third attempt intalling idefix. I got my sfs partitions but idefix made my system unstable. Whenever I started the A1200, it asked me the workbench floppy and after some minutes from the reset it froze. To avoid the freeze I had to wait 5-10 minutes before resetting. A few days ago I uninstalled idefix, but my partitions are vanished. In the list of hdtoolbox there is scsi.device 44.2 and also I can open the partition window and I can see my partitions, but they aren't in the workbench and directory opus tell me "directory not avaible". Can someone help me?
Cheers. Lusiani Elvio
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