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this is a rock and a hardplace - aka. a catch 22

you want dynamic forum software - it needs css - simply put

1. Write a new Forum system based on frames and no css.
2. Add CSS to Aweb/IBrowse
3. Bite the bullet and develop an Amiga Portal to content after there is content

I spent nearly three weeks searching for CMS/Forum software that a basic non-css browser could use... I couldn't find any...

I even stole some time to ascertain if one could be modified, but all these applications rely heavily on CSS. So, the need to write one from scratch then - its been a while since I used frames ---- uuuunnnnggg.... just had a GeoCities flashback... sorry guys/gals.

Irony would have it I wrote a forum system based on Frames under ASP, about 6 years ago....
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