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Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
In this case, some people don't have any other computer to fall back on. While Cammy, herself, has access to a Linux box, some of the people she wishes to contact have only Amigas and nothing but Amigas. Also they don't typically have graphics cards installed so NetSurf and OWB are not an option for them.
perhaps if they only have amigas a telnet bbs would be a better solution for example?

even taking an existing forum solution and making some skin that uses html3 only would be a significant task in terms of time, and time not put to good use imho (instead of working on the games!). I realise it has been stated this isnt for discussion, but then this is a forum, and so I think a comment or two might be helpful

A lot of forums would work anyway, just not look beautiful, but still would enable discussion at least.

Personally I would go for a more "Amiga like" solution such as the bbs. Are none of the Amiga programmers in need of this forum able to help out ?
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