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My ACA630 arrived last week but only yesterday I gave it a try with my A600 board A300Rev1 and 3.1 Rom 40.063
The computer works but, after install it, the internal floppy keeps clicking randomly.
It reads floppys but keeps the randomly noises even when accessing the floppys.
It keeps same clicks even when I disable the internal floppy with the noDisk jumper closed.
The floppy drive only stops clicking when the BootSel jumper is closed.
After clean the processor legs with alchool and some ACA remove/install so prevent any bad contacts the floppy drive still clicking same way when ACA630 is installed.
When I install my A603 together with the ACA630 the computer doesn´t work
When remove the ACA630 everything works normally.
Did it happened to someone already?
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