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interesting slight problem with banshee aga

have just run banshee in winuae 0822 release 1 and alls ok until quarter way through level 1 (where the rain starts) at which point the framerate drops about 50% resulting in significant slowdown.
i have always encountered this prob on all winuae versions.
my current pc is duron 800/128 m ram/32 m graphics ran exactly the same on my p3 500/128 m ram/16 m voodoo 3.
is my pc spec too low or is this prob common,or what winuae config would be best(i currently set up the config to aga standard,but perhaps it requires some tweaking as my memory of my old amiga 1200 specs is rusty).
can anyone help as i want to run this top game(also how does it run in cd32 emulation as i have the original cd32 disc of the game).
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