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Originally Posted by rockersuke View Post
Couldn't get Looking For Christmas to work. OS3 version seems to require some very specific RTG card (it asks me for cybergraphics.library) and AROS port refused to work in both my AROS machines (desktop PC and netbook) claiming that the executable was not an executable ^_^'. Hope I find a way to make it work soon, as this "all-amigas" approach looked promising.

And more than a month later I finally could play the thing! I almost did it under WinUAE, but just out of pure ignorance wasn't able to set up a proper RTG configuration. Meanwhile we were discussing about it with the author at AROS Exec forums and were making step by step progress in locating the cause of the errors. It finally was discovered that the problem lied in the mp3 soundtrack not beeing properly supported by AROS ports of Hollywood programs. It was possible anyway to replace the mp3 file with just any supported sound file and the game would work!

And It did! I took the music from my last year Christmas Adventure (to keep in the mood ), renamed it and moved it to the proper folder. Even if it was a .mod file the game accepted it as his own and now I'm playing with it under AROS with my Christmas tune as soundtrack!

The game itself is quite simple: you must locate semi-transparent objects scattered on a backdrop image, which can get tricky, as sometimes they can be real hard to spot. As usually happens with this minimalistic stuff, it can get dangerously addictive (not to mention the pain in the eyes after a long game session )

A nice game to have fun with!

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