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Originally Posted by HenryCase View Post
The newest Minimig hardware supports HDL 68k CPUs (simply because the FPGA has the space to store one). Plan is to build a 68030 core, though current Replay/FPGAArcade uses an enhanced 68000 core (larger cache, higher clock speed, etc...).

In other words, a 68020+ accelerator is unnecessary for Minimig apart from the first commercial hardware, which is due to be replaced in the next few months. Keep track of the latest progress using these links:
Hello ,

I know this project and i'll probably make part of future buyers if i don't buy first an A1200 , BUT i don't think Minimig is due to be replaced as you said , because if we think like this why some people would bother to make new hardware for A600/A500/A1200 and some shops as Amigakit/Vesalia etc would continue selling harware ?
I think it's cool , thanks to them , to be able to update our old machines , it's why there is a so big Amiga comunauty no?
So if theoretically it would be possible to make some new harware for the Minimig , for my part i would make part of buyers.
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