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Almost finished integrating this into all the ClassicWB packs. Not sure when I'll release the new packs - perhaps when WHDLoad 17 is official and Zetro is happy with AG-Launch. I'll pm something to you Zetro however to see what you think. Haven't tested it further yet to offer more feedback.

You've done a great job on the latest pack - really appreciate the mention and the built-in A-Games: assign for the ClassicWB. The only sticking point is that if someone with OS3.9 installs your version of WBRun using the guide or manually, they will be wiping over the official OS3.9 version with the Aminet one. Not sure if that matters at all? You could be cheeky and rename WBRun to AGRun and use that instead, but that is a minor point perhaps not worth addressing.

Nice job on the joystick support!

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