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Big grin Hi Poppe :)

Hi Poppe i am not sure how you are using the null modem but i know that you have to have a proxy server running on the pc and you have to config aweb in the proxy bit to get the broadband access on the miggy.
When i first got my null modem setup to connect to the pc it connected very quickly with two little tv's flashing in the task bar as though the pc was online (56k modem) but when trying the broadband on the amiga it would not connect until i did a little changing in aweb and downloading AnologX (proxy server for the pc) then it became very clear now and the connection was good and the broadband was good I mentioned lowering your pc to amiga connection because sometimes i could not connect the two and sometimes they would connect but no data transfer would happen then it would disconnect.If this has nothing to do with what you queried send us your email and i will attach the site for the null modem i followed:-)
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