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...and I also removed your link on my site (not that it matters to you offcourse)
What is the link between the a b î m e .net website and the discussions which take place at the English Amiga Board ? Do you want to remove me just because I'm hosting the board ?

I won't remove your site from my link page if someone criticize my website from your forum, no ?

(A good ADMIN would have deleted these hateposts or atleast closed them.
oh please..., don't made me jump into your little war, I'm far away from this.
Remember that I am the administrator, and not the moderator of this section.

If the members / visitors respect the EAB's RULES, there won't have any problem with me, anybody can express his feeling or whatever they are thinking here. That is the way I consider a good forum should be, and I won't change this state of mind even if you don't like it.
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