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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
In shapeshifter hd options you can set both a device disk and a filedisk. So youll see both devices on mac desktop. If i recall right, just copying over the System Folder is enough to then make the other disk bootable.

So in hdtoolbox you setup a partition as normal, no special options and then let shapeshifter find it and save the options. It will be stored as a block start and end value so might not work past the 4 gig barrier. You can then go back into hdtoolbox and dissable automount for that partition as it wont be useful in AmigaOS
Awesome, thanks

I'll do that when I setup my new CF card. It will only be a 4gb CF anyway so no worry's about being outside the 4gb Window.

Lots of fun for me this weekend
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