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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
Heya Steve, good to see things are improving. The Amiga's 2-colour mode is pretty much chunky, so it will run at full speed for Mac emulation. I had a feeling 16 colours might be a bit slow for ECS. I think it will be totally possible for a proper 256 colour 640x480 mode once the driver is written for the Indivision ECS.
I really hope they can get this working as it would make this little Amiga truely great

I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed.

You know if you had a PCMCIA card reader and a regular FAT formatted SD or CF card in it, this would be better for your HDFs. I don't have the room for all these extra Mac games on my internal CF drive, so I have my Mac games partitions on a SD card that I put in the PCMCIA adapter when I want to play them. I think this is easier than backing up and installing a whole new internal drive. This one here can be delivered to you for just under 5 pounds -

Just use a 2GB SD card with it because any larger is SDHC and they don't work with this card reader.
I do have a PCMCIA-CF adapter, so I might give that a try. I'm going to download some of the old Mono Mac games and try them out later

Also going to be checking out your 16 colour stuff from the other thread, looks awesome

Also I'm going to replace the FFS MicroDrive with a SFS CF Card later today.

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